As you’re working through challenges in Fortnite, you’ll likely need to visit several different locations including Homely Hills.

The reason why you may want to pay Homely Hills a quick visit is because you can complete the challenge “Find Gnomes at Homely Hills” here! 

Where to Find Homely Hills in Fortnite

To find Homely Hills on Fortnite, you’re going to want to open up your map and seek out Pleasant Park.

Once you find Pleasant Park on the map, go up a little higher to the north and look for a small residential area.

While it’s not explicitly marked as such, this residential area is Homely Hills. As stated above, you can complete the challenge “Find Gnomes at Homely Hills” by exploring this area.

In the map image above, we’ve circled the three locations where you can find Gnomes at Homely Hills.

If you go to these three circled locations, you’re guaranteed to find the three Gnomes at Homely Hills.

Once you find all three Gnomes, you’ll successfully have completed the challenge and can move on to other challenges and locations in Fortnite.

Again, Homely Hills can be found to the north of Pleasant Park. It’s a little residential area full of colorful homes that you can explore to find weapons and resources.

You can also find three Gnomes in Homely Hills that count towards the challenge “Find Gnomes in Homely Hills” in Fortnite. 

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