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Where to Find the Hiding Place Film Locations in Resident Evil 2

by Larryn Bell

Finding and developing the “Hiding Place” film roll in Resident Evil 2 will lead you on a hunt for some handy loot if you know where to look. We’ll explain where to go to collect the Hiding Place film in Resident Evil 2 and where to find the locations in its photos. Credit to Allgamers for some of the images below.

Hiding Place Film Roll Location

The Hiding Place film roll is found within the Sewers in Resident Evil 2, shortly after you find the T-Bar Valve Handle. You’ll likely be down here searching for the Chess Plugs, so make sure to grab the film roll while you’re at it.

Make your way to the Lower Waterway and head to the Workroom Lift to reach the Workroom in the Upper Sewers. You’ll find the Hiding Place film roll on the table, just above the corpse on the ground.

Develop the Hiding Place Film

Before you can go looking for the Hiding Place film locations, you must first develop the roll of film to view the pictures that will tell you where to find the hidden treasure. You must develop the film before heading to the locations in the photos, otherwise nothing will appear in those places when you go to search.

If you’re still down in the Sewers, you can return to the main part of the police station by heading to the Workers’ Break Room and opening the door with the Sewer Key. Push the lockers out of the way to discover a hidden elevator. You can ride this lift back to the Main Hall, where you used three medallions to open the secret passage under the goddess statue. The T-Bar Valve can be used here to clear the path back to the police station.

When you’re back in the R.P.D. police station, head over to the west wing and locate the Darkroom on the first floor (1F). It’s the room across the hall from the Safety Deposit Room. Develop the Hiding Place film in the Darkroom sink to reveal two new photos, which offer clues to where you need to search next.

Hiding Place Film Treasure Locations

Treasure Location #1: The first photo leads to the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the second floor of the police station (2F). Luckily, this location isn’t too far from where you developed the film in the Darkroom. Simply head up the stairs outside the Darkroom. Upon entering the S.T.A.R.S. Office, go into the smaller office to the left of the door and search the drawers on the backside of the desk to find a new Red Dot Sight attachment for the Lightning Hawk weapon.

Treasure Location #2: The second photo points to the Press Room, which is over on the east side of the police station on the first floor (1F). Inside the Press Room, look for a small table in the corner of the room that has a boombox, some microphones, and several cups on top, as shown in the second Hiding Place photo. Depending on who you are playing as, you will find additional ammo for Leon’s Chemical Flamethrower or for Claire’s Spark Shot inside the table drawer.

Once you have collected all the loot for the Hiding Place film puzzle, you will unlock the Treasure Hunter trophy/achievement in Resident Evil 2. For more helpful walkthroughs, check out our other Resident Evil 2 guides on where to find the Spade, Diamond, Club, and Heart keys as well as all safe code combinations in Resident Evil 2.

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