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Where to Find the Friendship Monument in Fortnite

by Morgan Shaver

A new Awakening Challenge for Groot is available in Fortnite which tasks players with using an emote as Groot at a Friendship Monument.

If you’ve yet to explore the map fully, you may be uncertain as to where this Friendship Monument is.

To help make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide that’ll show you exactly where the Friendship Monument is in Fortnite! 

Where to Find the Friendship Monument in Fortnite

If you’re working to complete your Awakening Challenges for Groot in Fortnite, you’ll eventually need to visit the Friendship Monument.

If you’ve never seen this particular monument and have no idea where it is, we’ve marked the location of the Friendship Monument in Fortnite in the map image above.

When you reach that location, all you’ll need to do is perform an emote from your emote wheel while wearing the Groot skin. Any emote will do.

After that, you should see a pop-up notifying you that the challenge has been completed. As a reward, you’ll unlock Groot’s little buddy Rocket Racoon as the “Battle Brother” built-in emote.

With it, you can have Rocket Raccoon hang out on your shoulder while in your Groot skin, and it’s extremely adorable. 

If you haven’t done so already, you can also work to complete other Awakening Challenges for Groot like planting a seed on the heart-shaped island located in the A4 grid of your map near the Friendship Monument location. 

Again, you can find the Friendship Monument in the location marked on the map image above. 

By visiting the Friendship Monument and performing an emote while dressed in your Groot skin, you’ll unlock the “Battle Brother” built-in emote that lets Rocket Raccoon ride around on your shoulder. 

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