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Where to Farm Coral Crystal in Monster Hunter: World

by Josh Hawkins

Coral Crystal is a crafting material in Monster Hunter: World that players will need to farm. By farming Coral Crystal in Monster Hunter: World you’ll be able to craft all of the items you need in the game. N this article we’ll show you the best way to farm Coral Crystal in Monster Hunter: World so you can get ahead of the game.

Where to Farm Coral Crystal

Farming for Coral Crystal isn’t as easy as finding a certain monster and taking it out over and over. Unlike the other items we’ve covered—like sharp claw—farming for Coral Crystal is going to be a bit more tedious. First, you can only get this item from one place, the Coral Highlands. Once you unlock this area, head out on an expedition, as this will give you plenty of time to work and explore and find what you’re looking for.

To get Coral Crystal, you’re going to need to mine rock outcrops in the Coral Highlands. These mining areas can be found while exploring and respawn quite often. Now, you aren’t guaranteed to get this item when mining these outcroppings, so you’ll probably need to mine a few times before you really start to see this item pop up in your inventory. The good news is, you won’t need to hunt down. If you don’t want to wait around on the outcroppings to respawn, then you can easily fast travel away and then load back in to cause them to spawn back in pretty quickly. This makes for an effective way to farm for Coral Crystal. You can also pick up some investigations to give you more to do, which will make it easier and more enjoyable to farm for Coral Crystal.

Now that you know how to get your hands on Coral Crystal, it’s time to start farming. Make sure to head back over to our Monster Hunter: World guide and check out our other in-depth content, including our list of all crafting items and recipes.


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