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Where do Turtles Spawn in Minecraft? – Answered

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by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Turtle Spawn

Turtles are some of the cutest mobs you can find in Minecraft. They are very shy, are incredibly capable swimmers and can lay various eggs (which you can even breed yourself if you ever want to). You can even have one of them as your pet! Or you can just kill them to get their scutes to make your potions. Not everyone’s a fan of sea life. Well, the first step for that will be to actually find one of them. But where can you find a turtle in Minecraft?

Where Do Turtles Spawn in Minecraft? – Answered

Turtles will usually spawn near beaches during daylight. This only applies to regular beaches as stony shores and snowy beaches won’t ever let you meet those shell buddies. They usually appear in groups and around 10% of them will spawn as baby turtles. Using a boat to travel through the sea is a good option to search for them. Just make sure you’re bringing everything you need or that you know your way back to your main base.

Bedrock Version names them “Sea Turtles” instead of just “Turtles” as they’re known in Java, but they’re the same mob with the same spawn rates. In Java, they appear at a maximum group of five when there’s a light level of eight or higher on sand blocks four levels above sea level. In Bedrock, up to seven turtles can appear at once, the light level requirement has been lowered to seven and they always appear around Y= 60 to Y=67.

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After finding your first turtles, you can technically make them spawn anywhere. Just start breeding them to get as many babies as you want. When they finally grow up from their infant forms into adults, they will give you your so-desired Scutes, so take care of them!

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