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Where to Destroy Snowflake Decorations in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

The 14 Days of Fortnite challenges are back for a limited time, which means players have a few extra days to complete any of the holiday challenges they missed in Fortnite, such as destroying snowflake decorations. If you’re having trouble finding snowflake decorations to destroy in Fortnite, we’ll show you where to go so you don’t miss out on the reward for this challenge.

Where to Find Snowflake Decorations

For this 14 Days of Fortnite challenge, players are required to destroy 12 snowflake decorations throughout the map in Fortnite Battle Royale. Snowflake decorations are typically found hanging in windows or outside of buildings.

On the map below, we’ve marked each of the locations where snowflake decorations are found in Fortnite. When you find a snowflake decoration, simply swing at it using your pickaxe or shoot at it with a gun to destroy it. This challenge can be done in the limited time modes as well, so it shouldn’t be to difficult to complete if you know where to find the snowflake decorations.

The best places to find snowflake decorations in Fortnite seem to be in named locations that contain a lot of houses or commercial buildings, such as shops or restaurants. You can find multiple snowflake decorations hanging in the windows of the houses surrounding Pleasant Park. Several shops in Retail Row, such as the NOMS grocery store, have snowflake decorations hanging out front as well.

Keep an eye out for snowflake decorations that you can destroy when you land at any town or named location in Fortnite, and you should be able to finish this challenge in no time. You have until January 15, so you better load into a game as soon as possible!

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