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The game where you get to beat up cute creatures

Honkai: Star Rail has come up with some interesting events in the past few months it’s been live, but Where is the Mystery Trotter has to take the cake. This event is summed down to a man who has had no scientific background or study believing that the Trotters in the world are beings that can unlock mysteries within the universe. And the best way to go about finding out more about them? Beating them up, of course. It’s our duty as Trailblazers to hunt down these adorable creatures and collect information on them.

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Guide to Hunting Trotters in Where is the Mystery Trotter Event in Honkai: Star Rail

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This event is pretty self-explanatory: you get the clue from Regin at the Goethe Hotel, decipher it, head to the area, expose the Trotter, and defeat it. Below, you’ll see the hints that you are given as well as the location of the Trotter, but here is also something to keep in mind, Trotters are notorious for running away. So it’s best to plan your team around the Trotter that you are hunting down.

The best way to keep a Trotter in a battle is by constantly breaking down its Toughness, this will cause it to enter a confused state where, once its turn comes back around, it’ll return to its Scared Position. If you are unable to break the Shield within a turn, the Trotter will enter its Run Phase. The tricky part of the Run Phase is that the Elemental Damage you were doing before will no longer work as it becomes invulnerable. 

The team members you’re going to want to bring along are those who have the elements Physical, Imaginary, and Quantum. Pathfinders that you’ll find helpful are those who belong in The Hunt or are great at Single Target Damage, such as Yukong. Imaginary is really good for hunting Trotters since it can break down their Shields easily, trap the Trotter in Imprison if Imaginary breaks their Toughness, and it’ll also slow down their movements so you can get more hits in before the Trotter’s second turn. 

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First Time

Research Topic: With the help of the sensor, I’m certain the answer lies in that thing in the Administrative District that sells things… That, that… Gah, you know what I mean!

Trotter Location: Vending Machine

Second Time

Research Topic: Intuition, such colorful and dynamic intuition! Who’d have thought there’d be such a nice place in the Administrative District?

Trotter Location: Advertisement Sign

Third Time

Research Topic: Hearing the name Outlying Snow Plains always sends a chill down my spine — Even the intuition pouring into my brain feels freezing… Let’s just get it over with!

Trotter Location: Third Snow Pile Towards the Rock

Fourth Time

“In case you don’t know what a projector is.” Screenshot by Prima Games

Research Topic: The art of light and shadow… I–I don’t understand it! I’ve never even been to Boulder Town — whatever will I find there?

Trotter Location: After Teleporting to Natasha’s Clinic Space Anchor, head North and Turn Left at the Lightpost. It’ll be the Movie/Image Projector.

Fifth Time

Research Topic: Exploring the universe is like looking for a teeny, tiny key. To investigate the anomaly in Rivet Town, the key must be found. 

Trotter Location: First, find the key behind the Screen in the spot indicated in the image below. Next, unlock the wardrobe. 

Sixth Time

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Research Topic: A residence in the Great Mine? Does that mean where someone’s staying…? Did the anomaly hide among the crowd?

Trotter Location: The Tent with the Trotter inside. At the highest level of the Camp as indicated on the map.

Seventh Time

Research Topic: Something’s not right – very wrong indeed! My intuition is giving me a really bad feeling… Is this… a bad omen for Boulder Town?

Trotter Location: Investigate any object in the area. Afterward, Speak to the group of kids.

Tip: In this last fight, you’ll encounter a different type of Trotter that is weak to Fire, Ice, and Imaginary so prepare your teams accordingly before Investigating. You will also encounter both types of Trotters in the second Wave.

Rewards Listed in the ‘Where is the Mystery Trotter?’ Event in Honkai: Star Rail

  • 500 Stellar Jades
  • 9 Traveler’s Guides
  • 9 Refined Aethers
  • 12 Lost Crystals
  • 4 Lifeless Blade
  • 4 Oath of Steel
  • 4 Arrow of the Demon Slayer
  • 4 Key of Knowledge
  • 4 Sprout of Life
  • 4 Ancestral Hymn
  • 4 Obsidian of Desolation
  • ~170,000 Credits
  • 1 Tracks of Destiny

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