4-Star Characters Leaked for Dan Heng and Fu Xuan’s Honkai: Star Rail Banners

New characters showing up in the second half makes sense, but it still pains me

Lynx and Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail
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Leaks operate just like clockwork. And with the hype around Honkai: Star Rail patch 1.3 on the rise with Imbititor Lunae and Fu Xuan confirmed by HoYoVerse, the internet is already on it when it comes to which 4-Star Characters will be up for grabs alongside them.

Which 4-Stars Will Be on Dan Heng Imbititor Lunae’s Banner in Honkai: Star Rail?

According to leaks, in Dan Heng’s 5-Star Version, Imbititor Lunae, he’ll be accompanied by the 4-Star characters Yukong, Asta, and March 7th. It would have been funny if they released the 4-Star version of Dan Heng during this banner.

Imbititor Lunae is an Imaginary Destruction character, so it’s nice to revisit Yukong so soon after Luocha’s banner. She is an Imaginary Harmony character who excels at boosting Attack and Crit Rate/Crit Damage for your team while also dealing damage from her Ultimate move. 

Asta is a great Harmony character who can break through multiple enemies’ toughness with her Skill. As a Fire user, she’s great for using against multiple enemies with Fire Weakness since the Preservation Trailblazer can work a bit slow. She also increases Speed for the team and Fire Damage for herself with her Ultimate; this can trigger the Orb and Chain effects for some Relics equipped onto your characters to help them deal larger buffs and damage.

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March 7th is a powerful Preservation character who can shield a teammate by a large margin if built right, as well as attack enemies with a rain of Ice Bunnies.

What 4-Stars Will Be on Fu Xuan’s Banner in Honkai: Star Rail?

The leaks also report that Fu Xuan is going to be a Quantum Preservation character, and alongside her banner, we will see the new character Lynx, and Hook and Pela. Lynx will also be of the Quantum element, but she will be an Abundance character, helping us fill out the potential for a Mono-Quantum team.

We also see the return of Hook, who hasn’t been a part of the Limited Run banners since Seele’s upon Honkai: Star Rail’s release. She is a Fire Destruction character who is great at taking out enemies one-on-one, like a Hunt character, but her Skill can also attack multiple enemies on the field.

The last of these characters is Pela, who is an Ice Nihility character. Nihility is ideal for debuffing enemies so your damage dealers can perform better with their attacks. Her Ultimate can not only deal Ice Damage to multiple enemies on the field, but it’ll also reduce their Defense by 30% for the next two turns. 

This news is still early, so information should be taken with a grain of salt. Remember that they are subject to change, either by a last-minute change by the game developers or because they are still figuring out which 4-Star characters work best with these banners.

For more information about Honkai: Star Rail’s future events, be sure also to check out future characters that we may see after Dan Heng’s and Fu Xuan’s banners.

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