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When Is the Point of No Return in Psychonauts 2

by Jesse Vitelli

Psychonauts 2 is a story filled with different characters and platforming to boot. You’ll have full access to exploring The Motherlobe and the areas around it, but at what point in the story is the point of no return? Let’s talk about where the point of no return in Psychonauts 2 is.

When Is the Point of No Return in Psychonauts 2

During your adventures in the game, you’ll go to places like The Motherlobe, the Quarry, and even the Questionable Area. These spots are the throughline in-between exploring the minds of the characters around you. However, at a certain point in the story, you’ll be locked out of these areas for a bit. 

Luckily, once you complete the game you’ll be able to continue exploring all of the spots and you’ll never be locked out of any specific area that has collectibles or items. 

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However, once you collect the third fragment of Ford Crueller, the game will warn you that it’s a good time to complete any remaining side-quests you have because the story is going to push you into a new area and you’ll be locked out of the older spots for a while. 

This will put you in Green Needle Gulch and you’ll be here for quite some time, so if there’s something you want to do around The Motherlobe you should do it before restoring Ford Crueller’s mind. 

After you complete the story you’ll be able to return to everywhere, but that’s a few hours post this moment. 

Hopefully, that clears everything up about when the point of no return is in Psychonauts 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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