When is the Path of Exile 2 Closed Beta? – Answered

Not gonna rush this one.

Path of Exile 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play ARPG, has finally revealed an important date for eager would-be players. While we haven’t seen a release date for the official launch of the game, we now have confirmation on when the first Closed Beta test will take place. Continue reading to find out the release date for the Path of Exile 2 Closed Beta.

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Path of Exile 2 Closed Beta Release Date Revealed

The Path of Exile 2 Closed Beta Test will launch on June 7, 2024. At the time of this writing, that means it’s almost an entire year away. The release date for the beta test was revealed during Exilecon 2023 after a lengthy demo of the game’s third Act was showcased.

Presenters at Exilecon 2023 stated that taking their time with the release of PoE2 is of utmost importance to them, and based on what’s been revealed so far, I believe it. The Path of Exile 2 base game will be unfathomably stuffed with content; including six unique classes, 100 distinct areas, 100 different bosses throughout the campaign, 600 monster types, 240 active skills to choose from, and over 1,500 passive skills throughout its enormous skill tree. Best of all, it will continue to be completely free-to-play.

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Grinding Gear Games hasn’t revealed any further information on the Closed Beta test just yet, so it’s currently not possible to sign up or join any waiting lists. We expect more information to be revealed as we approach closer to the launch date. Path of Exile 1 will continue to be updated with new leagues and mechanics both before and after the launch of PoE2, which gives us plenty of content to soak in while we wait to test out the upcoming sequel.

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