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When is Patch 6.35 Coming to FFXIV? – Answered

Ready to hop on the new Tribe Quests?

by Patrick Souza
Final Fantasy XIV 6.35 Release Date

The third patch for the Endwalker expansion in Final Fantasy XIV had its main content separated into two parts. During the first half, we witnessed the new story quests, got new items, and fought our way into the newest Alliance Raid in the series. But there’s still some content left to touch in the second half. When will Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.35 be here?

When is 6.35 Coming to FFXIV?  – Answered

Patch 6.35 will hit official servers on March 7, 2023, almost two months after the base patch’s debut. This update will bring the missing content promised for this patch cycle, which includes the introduction of Eureka Orthos, new steps for the Manderville Weapons, the introductions of Level 90’s Splendorous Tools and, of course, the Loporrits Tribal Quest.

Eureka Orthos is the third Deep Dungeon introduced in the game. Much like Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, this is a roguelike-styled dungeon with randomized floors/opponents that you can explore alone or with your friends. These challenges always provide some unique experiences, so don’t sleep on them.

But if you’re looking for more power, progressing in your new Manderville Weapon might be the choice for you. They eventually become the most powerful weapons in the expansion, so it’s always good to work at your favorite job’s weapon.

Your heart is not on the battlefield, but in the art of craft instead? We also got you covered with the Splendorous Tools, which work just the same. They require a tremendous amount of crafting, but hey, they get sparkles later!

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And the final Tribe to be added is the Loporrits, exclusive for crafters. These tribes are some of the quickest methods of leveling your crafters, so go for them. There are also emotes, mounts and many other rewards for completing all of the quests, so get your hands on your tools and start crafting right away.

The next big patch, AKA 6.4, should still be months away, but we’re covered with tons of content until it’s finally here. Deep Dungeons in particular can make for hours and hours of content, so we’re probably covered until then.

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