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When is Duo Lon Coming to King of Fighters XV? – Answered

Pretty in purple in King of Fighters XV.

King of Fighters XV’s Season 2 DLC continues in full force. Duo Lon, revealed close to a month ago, now has an official release date. Additionally, a full character trailer has dropped, giving fans a look at the Hizoku clan assassin’s long-awaited return. 

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King of Fighters XV’s Duo Lon DLC Release Date

Duo Lon will release as DLC for King of Fighters XV on September 12. He was playable all throughout the Tales of Ash story arc—King of Fighters 2003, XI, XII, and XIII—but sat out from King of Fighters XIV. This makes Duo Lon’s return in KOF XV his first 3D appearance, and he looks absolutely fantastic. His stretchy pokes and teleports have translated beautifully into 3D. The update on September 12 will also include a balance patch, although the exact changes won’t be officially revealed until the day of. 

There is a small change between Duo Lon in the Tales of Ash games and his upcoming DLC release: Tsunehito Maruo doesn’t reprise his role as Duo Lon’s voice actor. The Silent Assassin will now be voiced by Keisuke Komoto, whose video game and anime roles have mostly encompassed side characters up until now. 

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By himself, Duo Lon will cost 5.99 USD (or 5.99 Euros). The Fighter Pass, which includes all six Season 2 DLC characters, costs 29.99 USD/Euros, saving players 5.95 USD/Euros. The characters included besides Duo Lon are Shingo Yabuki, Kim Kaphwan, Sylvie Paula Paula, Najd, and the next DLC fighter who is scheduled to release sometime in winter.

King of Fighters XV was released February 17, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as Microsoft Windows. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the fighting game scene, stick with Prima Games.

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