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When is CS:GO Source 2 Beta Coming Out? – Answered

Why do we need two sources of CS:GO when one is working just fine?

by Shawn Robinson

It’s hard to believe that CS:GO has been available for a decade, especially seeing how much the game has changed since then. Thanks to the ever-alive professional scene, along with the game’s cases keeping that scene alive, it’s impossible for it to die. That hasn’t stopped Valve from updating the game though, with a rumored update supposedly being the next content drop the team is sending out. Here is when the rumored CS:GO Source 2 beta is coming out.

When Can We Play the CS:GO Source 2 Beta?

Seeing as it’s a rumored update that hasn’t received any official recognition from Valve themselves, it should come as no surprise that we have no concrete release date in place yet. With that said, we can speculate about its release thanks to leaks and other things we can infer. We want to make it very clear that the next part of this article is pure speculation and is in no way an official date released by anyone. Do not take it as concrete.

With that out of the way, reputed leakers and dataminers within the CS:GO community have been spotting some backend action from Valve that would indicate an upcoming update. This is going to be more than your standard update with a few community maps and skins though, as various parts of this backend action have been far more than what you see from these regular updates. For instance, a new app ID related to CS:GO (an app ID is assigned to every new game and DLC on Steam) has been seeing some regular changes.

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Behind-the-scenes updates to both this new app ID and CS:GO itself have been happening much more frequently, indicating Valve is ramping up work on something. Given that past datamines have brought up exe’s such as “csgo2.exe”, many are beginning to think this is the Source 2 update. Some are even speculating it could come at some point this week (week of March 21, 2023), though again, we suggest taking that as pure speculation and nothing more.

Once we have a concrete date on CS:GO Source 2, we’ll be sure to update you all with the correct date and any other relevant information. For now, hype away! While you’re at it, hone your skills in standard CS:GO with our guide on all the Dust 2 callouts.

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