When Does Destiny 2 Server Maintenance End? – Answered

Online games like Destiny 2 require maintenance from time to time to fix certain problems or add things to the game. Sometimes this means an extended period of downtime that is announced ahead of time or emergency maintenance that can be conducted with little to no notice.

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When Does Destiny 2 Server Maintenance End? – Answered

If you’re trying to figure out when Destiny 2 Server maintenance ends there are a few ways to go about it. The First thing to check would be the Bungie Help Twitter account. It always tweets out when Destiny 2 goes into maintenance or when it will conclude.

For instance, at the time of writing this, Destiny 2 is scheduled to implement Destiny 2 Hotfix and will conclude at 11 am PDT. This happens at the same time every week, so prepare for this downtime to occur weekly, if it’s ever at a different time check the Twitter or Bungie help forums.

You can also check the maintenance schedule if the game is down by logging into Destiny 2. Upon trying to connect to the server the game will often shoot you a message explaining when the server will be back up if it was scheduled maintenance ahead of time.

If you don’t use Twitter you can always check out the Bungie forums which is another place to always looks for when Destiny 2 maintenance will be scheduled with an ending date if the team knows ahead of time.

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