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When Does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 Start?

by Liana Ruppert

While Season 3 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has only just begun, the Call of Duty forums have been alight with players wondering what could possibly be next for the popular shooter. While Activision hasn’t explicitly stated when season 4 will start given that season 3 just started, we’ve got a breakdown for when it will likely commence so players can prep in advance. 

When does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 start? 

The most important indicator for when season 4 will start is based on the current season 3 battle pass. Currently, the season 3 battle pass end date is slated for June 2nd, so it is likely that season 4 will start either right then or the day following the end-date. The current season lasts for 55 days, giving players plenty of time to grind and unlock all of those enticing rewards that keep us coming back.

Call of Duty: Modern Warzone season 3 has plenty to offer, which many were thrilled to see given the lackluster reception the previous season saw. For those that have the battle pass, there are even more weapon skins, vehicle skins, operators, and more to unlock to show off that dedication in addition to the inclusion of the two new guns to make it into the game: the SKS and the Renetti. 

Given that the spread of COVID-19 continues and some countries have leaders that aren’t taking the threat seriously, a delay is always possible – much like Epic Games’ decision to prolong the current season for Fortnite. Pending no delays, however, it’s highly likely that season 4 will kick off on June 2nd with a whole new host of items to earn and new game additions to master. 

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