When Do You Get Back the Rings in Fire Emblem Engage – Answered

When will the rings finally come home?

If you’ve endured the horrible events of Chapter 10, you’ll likely find that you are now without your Emblem Rings. But how long does this state of affairs last? Here’s the answer to when do you get all your Emblem Rings back in Fire Emblem Engage.

When Do You Get Back the Rings in Fire Emblem Engage – Answered

Before anything else is revealed, it’s extremely important to note that this article will contain pretty large spoilers. I’ll do my best to redact everything I can, including significant plot points. But you’ll learn which Emblem Rings are returned in what Chapters below. So, read at your own risk.

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I’m very sad to report that it will be a long time before you recover all of the Emblem Rings. And, unfortunately, this will probably impact how you build your units as Emblems are directly tied to Weapon Proficiency and, thus, Class Promotions.

I’ll list the Chapter and the Emblem Rings you’ll obtain upon completing that Chapter below.

  • Chapter 11: Retreat – Emblem Ring Lyn, Emblem Ring Lucina
  • Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasis – Emblem Ring Ike
  • Chapter 14: The Battle of Solm – Emblem Ring Byleth
  • Chapter 15: Dancer of the Ruins – Emblem Ring Corrin
  • Chapter 16: Seashore Travels – Emblem Ring Eirika
  • Chapter 17: Serenity in Ruin – Emblem Ring Leif, Emblem Ring Sigurd
  • Chapter 19: The Dead Town – Emblem Ring Roy, Emblem Ring Micaiah
  • Chapter 20: The Kingless Castle – Emblem Ring Celica
  • Chapter 23: The Four Hounds – Emblem Ring Marth

Yes, you read right. You’ll need to get all the way to Chapter 23 to see Marth again. It’s absolutely brutal, isn’t it? By then, you’ve likely already cemented many of your builds without Marth, but he’s still a useful Emblem to have.

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