When Do Cars Come Out in Fortnite?

The question isn't if cars are coming to Fortnite, it's when cars are coming to Fortnite.

When a leak suggested that cars could be coming to Fortnite, gamers were absolutely ecstatic. The idea is cool, and it’s a feature that some players have been waiting a long time for.

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Of course, because the news came in the form of a datamined leak, there’s info missing such as when cars will actually appear in Fortnite. 

Update (August 4, 2020): Epic Games confirmed that cars will release in Fortnite on August 5, 2020

When Do Cars Come Out in Fortnite

The original leak regarding cars in Fortnite came via dataminer HYPEX on July 5 and was later confirmed and expanded upon by iFireMonkey.

Initially, the prediction was that cars would release in Fortnite on July 21 with the v13.30 update

The leak offered info about several different types of cars you’ll be able to drive, and features like needing to fuel up your car at gas stations.

Unfortunately, July 21 came and went and cars have yet to make an appearance in Fortnite.

With all of the detailed info being provided by dataminers, and the fact that these dataminers have shared a number of credible leaks in the past, we have no doubt that cars will arrive in Fortnite at some point in the near future. 

Our prediction based on the average time between updates is that cars will come to Fortnite sometime this August. It could be earlier than that, but if they’re coming as part of an update like v13.30,  early to mid-August is our prediction.

If news emerges that cars are coming to Fortnite sooner than that, we’ll be sure to let you know! 

In the past, iFiremonkey tweeted an excellent point emphasizing that datamined info isn’t official info and that things can change at any time.

It’s possible that cars were supposed to release on July 21, but the developers needed to make a few more adjustments and decided to release v13.30 without them.

It’s hard to say for certain what’s going on behind the scenes with the development and implementation of cars in Fortnite.

To alleviate anxiety over the lack of cars in Fortnite, news and updates have continued to roll out with iFiremonkey recently uncovering an “unfinished/encrypted punchcard relating to cars” in the v13.30 update.

Tidbits like this lend further credence to the fact that cars will eventually make their debut in Fortnite. 

As of right now, July 28, there are still no cars in Fortnite and Epic hasn’t made a statement confirming that cars are in the works. With all of the info available though, it’s safe to say that cars will be added to Fortnite sometime soon. 

It could be within the next few weeks, or it could be delayed further depending on what the developers need to do to ensure the vehicles work the way they’re intended to work.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be posting updates as to when cars will arrive in Fortnite as soon as more information becomes available.

Until then, be sure to follow HYPEX and iFireMonkey to keep track of new details they datamine or uncover in Fortnite regarding cars, or other aspects of the games. 

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Now that you know the status of cars and when they’re coming to Fortnite, we have a few other guides for you that you may find helpful! 

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