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What’s New in Gravity Rush 2?

by Josh Hawkins

Gravity Rush 2 picks up right after the ending of the original game, which saw Kat and her friends team up to try to save their city of Hekseville from the evil Nevi. While the protagonists stay the same, quite a bit about the world and the way things work has changed in the sequel. In this article we’ll walk you through everything that is new in Gravity Rush 2, and go over all the new powers that fans can look forward to.

New Gravity Styles

One of the biggest differences in Gravity Rush 2 is the introduction of two new Gravity Styles, which change the way that Kat interacts with the world around her. These new styles, Lunar and Jupiter, offer new ways to play the game, and players will find themselves switching between them quite often.

Lunar allows Kat to become lighter, more like a feather, which can allow her to jump longer distances, and fall at slower speeds. She also has a nifty dodge included in this style that basically allows her to close short distances without needing to jump or reactivate her gravity powers.

Jupiter makes Kat heavier, weighing down her feet to allow her to attack with slower more precise punches. These attacks are also more powerful, allowing her to deal more damage to enemies when using this Gravity Style. Kat can also break through objects and specific walls when using the Jupiter Gravity Style, which is something you’ll see later in the game. To learn more about the new Gravity Styles, take a look at our guide.

New Cities to Explore

Unlike the first game, which took place in Hekseville, Gravity Rush 2 transports players to a new region of the world. Displaced by the Gravity Storm that hit Hekseville at the end of the first game, Kat and Syd find themselves in a new world, where people mine the ore within Gravity Storms for currency. This world includes several new places to explore, including a beautifully rendered city that is twice the size of the first game’s world.

There are also little mining expeditions that players can partake in, to earn more Precious Gems, which allow players to travel to other pieces of the world that were affected by Gravity Storms.

New Characters and More

While Kat, Raven, and Syd might have been the most prominent characters of the original game, others join the ranks of Kat’s group to help drive the story in Gravity Rush 2 forward. The new characters don’t see quite as much development early on, but by the end of the game, the entire group has become more fleshed out, and feels more alive.

New characters aren’t the only changes, though. A new Photo Mode allows players to take pictures of Kat and the world around her wherever they are. New Treasure Hunts and Challenge missions allow players to interact with a bustling online community through the game’s servers, allowing users to share photos and tips to help others find gems and more throughout the game world. Gravity Rush 2 remains a singleplayer experience, though, and players won’t find a direct multiplayer environment anywhere within. Gravity Rush 2 also won’t release on the PlayStation Vita, so fans will need to have a PlayStation 4 if they want to experience Kat’s latest story.

These are the biggest differences that players will see between the original Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. The new areas, new powers, and new characters help to push the story forward on their own, and while there are callbacks to the original, Gravity Rush 2 definitely offers plenty of content for fans to dive into that feels new and fresh. The new powers are fantastic, and allow new ways for players to explore the environments that surround them. You can return to our Gravity Rush 2 guide, where you’ll find more content like this, including walkthroughs, tips, and guides to help you make the most of Kat’s second adventure.