What to Feed the Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Baras deserve all the best foods

If you adore capybaras, like I do, why not give it a dish it’ll find divine? Here’s what to feed Capybaras in Disney Dreamlight Valley (DDLV).

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What to Feed the Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Few animals are friends to all like the capybara. In fact, it’s fair to say that the Capybara is one of the best animals in existence. And for that reason alone, you should present to it all of its favorite foods.  

Capybaras in Disney Dreamlight Valley love the following foods:

  • Cabbage

Capybaras like the following foods:

  • Bamboo, Cinnamon, Agave, Garlic, Yams, Melons

Yep, that’s it. Capybaras love a huge assortment of food, but bamboo might be the easiest to find. Bamboo can be found in the Wild Tangle.

How to Find Capybaras in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The capybaras in Disney Dreamlight Valley come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. Some look like blue tigers, others look like cows. And yes, all Capybaras like and love the same foods. No matter what their coat is!

Capybaras can only be found on Eternity Isle, which is accessible through the ‘A Rift in Time’ DLC. They appear in four locations:

  • Black and White Capybara – The Promenade
  • Blue Striped Capybara – The Grove
  • Classic Capybara – The Grasslands
  • Gray Spotted Capybara – The Lagoon
  • Red and White Striped Capybara – The Lagoon

Capybaras are exceptionally laid-back creatures, so you don’t need to worry about approaching them cautiously or them scampering away. All you need to do is stroll up to one and present it with one of its favorite foods. They really are the best animals around!

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