What to Do With the Stasis Pod Glyph in Remnant 2

To understand your enemy, you must walk a mile in their latex boots

As you shoot your way through the Void Vessel Facility, you’ll find that there’s secrets hidden in these sci-fi pods. Secrets like a strange orb, marked with some alien glyph. Here’s what to do with the Stasis Pod Glyph in Remnant 2.

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What to Do With the Stasis Pod Glyph in Remnant 2

The Void Vessel Facility is one of the optional dungeons in N’Erud, absolutely full of Zombies that emerge from ancient pods. We might never know what they once were, or what happened to reduce them to creatures of violence. But they do have good loot.

One item you’ll find upon inspecting the control console next to a pod is the Stasis Pod Glyph. Once you interact with the console, a tough Zombie will emerge, along with quite a few enemies.

Screenshots by Prima Games | After interacting with the console

Once you kill them, you can take the Stasis Pod Glyph. But from there, you’ll likely need to backtrack.

The Stasis Pod Glyph is actually a key to a door. And the door you need, at least for me, was at the very start of the level. It looks like a plain steel door, but it’s made distinct with its red light cross pattern that branches out from a recessed circle in its center.

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Interact with this door to use the Stasis Pod Glyph and you’ll gain access to a brand new room… and a set of new armor! Inside one pod will be the Space Worker Armor Set, which will allow you to look just like all the dozens of zombies you just killed.

Sadly, they’ll still attack you. But now you fit the sci-fi aesthetic.

If you prefer your armor to be a little more high fantasy, may I recommend the Fae Royal Armor Set? Here’s how to get it: How to Get the Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2.

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