Remnant 2 Fae Royal Armor Set
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How to Get the Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2

The Fae really know how to dress, that's for sure.

While they are some of the rarest bits of gear available, acquiring new types of armor in Remnant 2 can be a welcome surprise. You can’t do much with them individually, but they can make or break a build with new Weight and Armor stats. They also look snazzy, and who doesn’t love having their badass character look badass? One such set of armor is going to take some sidetracking but should be more than welcome in your arsenal. Here’s how to get the Fae Royal Armor set in Remnant 2.

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Where to Find the Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2

To get the Fae Royal Armor in Remnant 2, you’ll want to play through the Losomn region, checking each side path. Once you find the Postulant’s Parlor, you’re in the right place. Proceed through the section, killing any Fae enemies you find along the way until you find a match-three game with a bizarre statue sitting in the chair across from you. This game asks you to get a line of three pieces, either diagonally or in a straight line. However, this isn’t what you want to do.

You may have noticed that some of the doors in the previous grid of nine rooms were closed off, making getting into this room in the first place a pain. That’s because the pieces on the board dictate which rooms are opened or closed. Black pieces will close all surrounding doors, white pieces will open all surrounding doors, and empty spaces will depend on adjacent pieces, among other conditions.

In essence, your goal is to search every room until you find the Fae Royal Armor set. That may require winning, as was the case on our end, but the location of the armor changes from playthrough to playthrough. You’ll also receive a stack of Curse if your opponent gets three in a row, but returning to the Worldstone at the start cures you of these ailments. With some trial and error, you should finally get access to the room you need. Just make sure your opponent isn’t blocking off the door you need.

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What Does the Fae Royal Armor Set Do?

Once you have the door you need open, go there and get yourself your new armor set. You can also win the game to get the Royal Bow. The Fae Royal Armor set comes with the following stats:

  • Fae Royal Headcover
    • Resistances: 2 Bleeding, 2 Fire, 2 Blight
    • Armor: 15
    • Weight: 8
  • Fae Royal Bodyplate
    • Resistances: 4 Bleeding, 3 Fire, 2 Blight
    • Armor: 57
    • Weight: 27
  • Fae Royal Greaves
    • Resistances: 2 Bleeding, 3 Fire, 2 Blight
    • Armor: 25
    • Weight: 13
  • Fae Royal Vambraces
    • Resistances: 1 Bleeding, 1 Fire, 1 Blight
    • Armor: 10
    • Weight: 7

This provides 107 Armor and 55 Weight at the base, setting you in the Heavy Weight class. If you want more information on that mechanic, check out our guide on what Weight does in Remnant 2.

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