What Should You Unlock in the MW3 Armory First? – Answered

Perks go first

Modern Warfare 3 Armory
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The Armory is one of the new systems in Modern Warfare 3 that becomes available at level 25, and it has a ton of items that you can unlock. Because so many of them are integral perks or equipment, you should prioritize what you grind for.

What Should You Unlock First in the MW3 Armory?

The first two Armory Unlocks you should choose are the Ghost T/V Camo and the Covert Sneakers perk in Modern Warfare 3. Both of these perks are the most pivotal additions to any respawn mode in the game. Covert Sneakers are good all around, so I would recommend getting that first if you plan on jumping into Search and Destroy.

Perks Armory MW3
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However, UAV spam is common in nearly every respawn playlist, so Ghost can save you a ton of trouble with radar. Prioritize this perk first if you only plan on grinding out modes like Hardpoint, Domination, or Team Deathmatch. Once you have both of these unlocked for your loadouts, no one will see you coming.

After you get Ghost and Covert Sneakers out of the way, there are still plenty of unlocks you can get from the Armory in MW3. I would recommend going for the Assault Gloves, the Trophy System, and the Stim tactical next. These will complete your overall build and tons of players are still lacking the Trophy System in respawn.

As you get through the list, I would recommend adding what you want next into the Armory Unlock queue. Just keep getting wins and attempting to complete Daily Challenges to knock out more of the items. Remember that many of the weapons and attachments are also tied to this system after level 25, so get started as soon as you can.

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