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What Pets Can You Take Underwater in Genshin Impact? – Answered

I just want an underwater buddy…

Genshin Impact has learned the subtle art of winning players over with things that are small, cute, and utterly functionless aside from being collectible and aesthetically pleasing. Introducing the pets, these creatures will float alongside the player’s current character and disappear when battles start. Each has unique animations that display their personality and are utterly adorable yet serve no real function. With Fontaine now out, we have realized that not every curious creature can actually swim alongside us when we’re deep diving. Here’s a list of all of the pets, where they are from, and which you can take underwater in Genshin Impact.

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What Pets Can You Take Underwater in Genshin Impact?

Many of your pets may not stick around when you’re going exploring underwater, which can make the journey pretty lonely since Paimon doesn’t always want to come along. So which pet can you count on to keep you company when discovering all those chests in Fontaine? The answer may not exactly surprise you!

For Genshin’s Third Anniversary, players will be getting Itty Bitty Octobaby in their mail. A cute miniature version of the Octopus we’ve seen around Fontaine now floating harmlessly in a bubble alongside us. Until you enter the water and then the baby wakes up to swim alongside you. Swimming is a lot more fun when there’s one of Fontaine’s many adorable creatures tailing after you.

Funny enough, Octobaby isn’t the only creature who will join you in the water. Endora, a pet and companion that was obtained through Wishful Drops. Endora was once our partner in discovering more about the mysteries of Oceanids back in Liyue and Mondstadt, but now travels alongside to learn more about the world. She can even learn more about Fontaine by trailing after us underwater.

So what happens to the pets that can’t go underwater? Some of the funnier animations you’ll see are what happens to Shiki Koshou and Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device. For a moment, it looks like the mini Cloud Retainer will be a trooper and stick out the water, but will soon disappear with a flourish. As for Shiki Koshou, he is made of paper, so he kind of disintegrates into multiple pieces the moment you hit the water. Whoops!

All Current Pets Listed in Genshin Impact

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(Most of these are limited to events and some versions may not be available if and when these events rerun.)


Lost Riches is an event all about using a treasure-hunting Seele to locate special types of Medallions to bring back to the original owner of the treasure hunter. At the end, players can choose one of the five Mini-Seelies that come in a range of many colors. 

All Mini-Seele Colors

  • Mini Seelie – Curcuma (Gold)
  • Mini Seelie – Rosé (Pink)
  • Mini Seelie – Dayflower (Blue
  • Mini Seelie – Viola (Purple)
  • Mini Seelie – Moss (Green)


Having helped more than just one little Oceanid, Endora is a character who debuted in the event, Wishful Drops, where we learned more about the Oceanids and the boss in Liyue, Rhodeia. This was our first look at some more lore in terms of Fontaine before the region was released and Endora is our partner and souvenir from that time. 

Shiki Koshou 

While not the little paper man that accompanied us during the Labyrinth, Shiki Koshou is a reminder of the friends made along the way in the event, Labyrinth Warriors where players could tackle a rogue-like game with character appearances from Childe and Xinyan.

Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device

This mini version of Cloud Retainer was available for limited-time currency in the event Of Travels and Treasures. 

Jinni in the Magic Bottle – Liloupar

Liloupar is a curious creature that you are actually able to unlock through a World quest within Genshin Impact. The first of its kind since many of these cosmetic pets can only be obtained through events, players can actually get Liloupar by following the World Quest through Sumeru’s Desert, titled Dirge of Bilqis. 

Itty Bitty Octobaby

This adorable little creature is available as of Genshin Impact’s third Anniversary, a gift for players who have stuck with the game all these years. Similar to the other anniversary gifts, the Itty Bitty Octobaby can be retrieved from the player’s mail in-game.

To collect the Octobaby, be sure to check out how to claim your Anniversary gifts from Genshin Impact as players are getting more rewards than just from their mail! While some pets may be exclusive to certain events from past updates, the Octobaby is the first of the ones that are not required for players to have participated in previous events. There are also plenty of other news and guides on Genshin Impact if you click the game tag just below this article.

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