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What is Vapor Twitch? – Answered

Does it have anything to do with Twitch.tv?

by Nikola L

Vapor Twitch is a relatively new music sub-genre of electronic music which is so new that it still, at the moment of writing this article, does not have its own wiki page on Wikipedia. Based on the research that Prima Games has done, we have an approximate understanding of this music sub-genre, and we are glad to share our findings with our readers.

What Kind of Music is Vapor Twitch and is it Related to Twitch.tv?

First of all, the only connection that we see between Vapor Twitch (the music) and Twitch.tv (the streaming platform) is that a lot of streamers are using it on their streams. It’s modern and easily goes well for stream intro/outro. That’s it. If you came for that piece of information, feel free to go back to the Prima Games home page and find some other cool content to read.

Now, for all of you electronic music enthusiasts, we can continue.

The example playlist we have used is available on YouTube. Vapor Twitch has a lot of different elements within its sound.
We notice these genres, mostly:

  • Synthwave
  • Vaporwave
  • Vapor Trap
  • EDM
  • Future Bass

Vapor Twitch exists in both vocal and instrumental variants. It’s mostly similar to Future Bass but seems to have more intense beats during the track.

Why is Vapor Twitch called Vapor Twitch?

That’s the million dollar question for the “Twitch” part, given that Vapor is self-explanatory. If you do find out, please let us know. There are even some Reddit rumors that it got named by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). We do not know what to think anymore.

What are the Best Vapor Twitch Artists?

Due to the ever-changing circumstances in the musical industry, we feel obliged to link you to the Vapor Twitch Spotify Page which will show you what you (probably) want to know. Thank you for stopping by here at Prima Games.

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