What is the Trance Twins Weakness in Persona 3 Reload? – Answered (P3R)

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Some enemies in Persona 3 Reload have easy-to-spot weaknesses, while others, like the Trance Twins, require you to get your hands on different personas or party members. Let’s talk about the Trance Twins’ elemental weakness and how you can use this to defeat them swiftly.

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What is the Trance Twins’ Weakness in Persona 3 Reload?

Trance Twins are weak to electric-type skills (Zio) and light-type skills (Hama and Kouga), meaning most of your default Personas will not work on this shadow. Having Personas like Akihiko’s Polydeuces or the protagonist’s Pixie and Omoikane will grant you access to Zio, with stronger electric abilities available later.

Persona 3 Reload trance twins affinity and weakness
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Depending on how far you are in the game and how many Shuffle Times you’ve triggered, you may not have access to electric-type abilities initially. Fortunately, other types, such as fire, wind, and the three physical attack types, also damage this shadow. Just make sure not to use ice skills, for that’s the only ability the shadow resists fully. In other words, while you have lower odds of initiating an all-out attack, you can still defeat Trance Twins without having electric or light skills.

If you want to try and acquire a Persona with light skills to defeat Trance Twins you need to differentiate the two types of light skills: Hama and Kouga. Hama is an instakill skill that has a low chance of killing, while Kouga is a regular type skill that does predefined damage. If you enjoy gambling, then Hama is the way to go. And if you want to play safe, try Kouga skills. The earliest Persona you can get with light skills is Unicorn at level 11.

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If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Persona with electric or light attacks, you can also check out the complete list of every Persona in Persona 3 to determine which to look out for.

On the flip side, getting your hands on a Persona with electric skills for the protagonist is possible, but it may take a few Shuffle Times to do so. The first Persona I found was Pixie, but I needed to level it to use the skill. Alternatively, you can wait until Akihiko joins your party, as he immediately starts with Polydeuces and has access to two different electric attacks. He is especially helpful if you encounter multiple Trance Twins or other shadows with electric weakness, as he also has access to Mazio as a multi-target attack.

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