What is the Rarest Fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons? – Answered

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Rarest Fish

Life sim games and fishing always go together, and it’s no different in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This beloved franchise has been around for years always innovating itself, but some things are constants like catching sea creatures for a living. 

But some of the various fishes are way more elusive than others, often requiring a few special conditions to be found and, eventually, captured. Out of the numerous species, which is the rarest fish around in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Which Fish Is The Rarest in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

New Horizons has dozens of rare fish that only appear during certain dates or time periods. Some will require both of them. But amidst them all, one can certainly agree that the Coelacanth is the rarest marine encounter you can have in this game, with various considered.

Coelacanth is a well-known figure in the series, having appeared in various other titles as an infamously hard-to-find fish. Despite being available throughout the whole year (unlike many other fishes in the game), it can only be found in the ocean while it’s raining at an abysmally low rate. But even with such an “easy” requirement, you rarely find one of these around.

But if you do, it’s worth nothing less than 15,000 Bells a unit, alongside the bragging rights of catching such an elusive fish. It is based on the real-life Coelacanth, an ancient species that was for a long time believed to be extinct, hence its in-game rarity.

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Other rare fish can be labeled just as rare, such as the Golden Trout and the Great White Shark. Both share the same elaborated methods for finding them (fishing during specific months at specific times), although they’re found in different locations.

But when it comes to the Coelacanth, you know you can spot it when it’s raining, but you’ll rarely do even so. That’s what makes it an even rarer sight. This is similar to all of the other fishes, but there’s something special about knowing you can catch it anytime it rains, and yet it won’t appear as easily.

And that’s pretty much it about the rarest fish you can find in New Horizons! If a fisher’s life is not for you, you can stick to simpler, yet laborious jobs such as creating bridges with Log Stakes around the Island.

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