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What is the Highest Endorsement Level in Overwatch 2? – Answered

Endorse me, you bastards!

by Shawn Robinson

One often overlooked part of Overwatch 2 is the endorsement system, which lets you reward other players for being good teammates. Each time a match ends, you can endorse two players in a match for one reason or another. The more endorsements you give and receive, the more rewards you’ll earn. With that, you may be wondering just how high you can go in the system. Here’s what the highest endorsement level is in Overwatch 2.

How High Can You Go With Endorsement Levels in Overwatch 2?

Naturally, endorsement levels start at one and work their way up slowly to level five. Most players average out between level two and three endorsements, though it’s possible to go either higher or lower with that. As you’ve guessed, the amount of endorsements given and received is what decides where you place. Those at level 5 will get the highest amount of periodic battle pass XP compared to the other levels.

So how can you farm these levels? Well, there are a few things you should do. First, and most obviously, you should give out as many endorsements to players you thought did well each game. Alongside that, you should be as helpful to your team as you can so they think to give you endorsements. This is most easily done by playing Support but can be through other things like protecting your team from a Genji diving the backline or shot-calling in voice chat.

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Leveling up your endorsement level is a very difficult process, but it’s ultimately a rewarding one that gives more reason to be kind in matches than just for the sake of positivity. Getting your battle pass leveled up faster is a nice incentive as well, seeing as some of the later rewards are pretty sweet. Just try not to get reported in the process, since that can shoot your progress in the knee.

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