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What is the Green Exclamation Point in Rogue Legacy 2 For? – Answered

by Lucas White

Rogue Legacy 2 doesn’t tell you much, considering how loaded it is with information. For example, you don’t really get any context for the map legend. Sure, the teleport spots and boss rooms are obvious. But what about the other colors? Why, for example, is one room purple while the other is green? We can explain that to you right quick, giving you the proper context you need to understand what to expect from each room or chamber. If you’re asking yourself, what is the green exclamation point in Rogue Legacy 2 for?” you’re in the right place for a simple answer.

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In the game, the map screen refers to the green circles as “Unique Chambers” and the purple ones as “Arcane Chambers.” The other kinds of rooms are self-explanatory enough so we won’t worry about that here. The Arcane Chambers are just rooms with those lore books in them; nice and simple. The green ones are a little different, but still consistent. Basically, a Unique Chamber is a room with a secret, hiding a reward that’s more crucial than money or Relics.

The first example you’ll recognize easily is what folks call the Lantern Room. It’s a tall room with a treasuer chest in the top-right corner, with a trail of lanterns leading you upwards. If you stand on the leftmost lantern and look at the wall, you’ll see cracks you can blow up with magic or using a Talent. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

That’s it, really. There are plenty of other cracked walls with hidden goodies throughout Rogue Legacy 2, but these ones lead to things like hidden lore, Scars, and more. So if you pop open the map and see that green exclamation point, make sure you take a closer look at your surroundings before moving on.

The tricky part is that once you find the secret, the icon doesn’t change. So there’s no way to know within the game whether or not you’ve found a Unique Chamber’s hidden Something. But considering most of these rooms are pretty distinct from the normal ones, it’s easier to remember them than you might think.

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