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What Is the Difference Between Avoid and Dodge in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

They could have made this less confusing and they chose not to

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve dug a little into your units’ stats, you might have noticed that they include two measurements: avoid and dodge. Are these synonyms, you might ask? If you dodge something, haven’t you avoided it? Your confusion is extremely valid, and a question that I’m pretty sure everyone’s had at least once while playing a Fire Emblem Game. Here are the differences between Avoid and Dodge in Fire Emblem Engage.

The Difference Between Avoid and Dodge in Fire Emblem Engage

There are… a lot of stats in Fire Emblem Engage. And a lot of them are really confusing. But no stats are as confusing as Avoid and Dodge. Nothing in the game even hints at how they might be different.

But they serve two similar but distinct functions.

Avoid is the likelihood your unit dodges incoming attacks. It’s calculated based on the unit’s Attack Speed and Luck and the equipped weapon’s Avoid stat. If you’re curious to see that calculation, it’s this:

  • Avoid = Avoid base skill + 2 x Attack Speed + [Luck/2]

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There’s even Staff Avoid, which determines whether your unit will be hit by an attack like Fracture or Freeze. For Staff Avoid, Attack Speed is not considered. Instead, it’s calculated based on the Unit’s Resistance and Luck Stats. The calculation for that is:

  • Staff Avoid = 3 x Resistance + [Luck/2]

Now, how is this different from Dodge?

Well, Dodge is actually about how well your unit can avoid critical attacks. That’s why it’s sometimes called Critical Avoid, which makes way more sense. Dodge / Critical Avoid is calculated using the unit’s luck or the unit’s equipped weapon’s dodge. That might seem silly but think about it as your unit perfectly parrying a brutal (maybe even killing) blow. It’s way more epic that way.

Dodge is calculated like so:

  • Dodge = Dodge weapon proficiency + Luck

Hopefully, that clears up some confusion!

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