What Is Sprout Status In FFXIV & How Do You Get Rid Of It? – Answered

Don't want to be known as a Newbie anymore? Find out how to drop the Sprout.

When you’re roaming around the world of Final Fantasy XIV, you may see a fair number of players with a small plant next to their name, meaning that they’re a little Sprout. While it’s an adorable little icon, some players are ready to shed their status as Sprout and start exploring the world as it is meant to be explored. But, what does it mean to be a Sprout, and is there an easy way to get rid of this little icon by your character’s name?

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What Is A Sprout In Final Fantasy XIV?

A Sprout means that you’re either a new player or at least new to the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Any time a new character is introduced to the world of FFXIV, they’ll be blessed with the little Sprout icon next to their name. This isn’t a bad thing, as plenty of players are very nice to Sprouts, so you can expect to receive some good treatment for a fair bit of time.

How To Remove Sprout Status In Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re hoping to remove the Sprout Status from your name, there are a few different ways that you can make this happen. There’s either the short-and-sweet way or the long-haul option that will give you a bit more overall satisfaction

The Easy Way To Remove Sprout Status

The easiest way to remove your sprout status is by entering the following line in the chat menu:

  • /nastatus
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Once you have used this line in the Chat bar, it will remove your Sprout Status, also known as the New Adventurer Status. I had a friend log in to verify, and other players can also see that your Sprout has been removed, showcasing that you are now a true adventurer.

The Hard Way To Remove Sprout Status

If you’re hoping to remove the Sprout status the proper way, you’re going to need to invest a fair bit of time into the game. To remove it naturally, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Play 300+ Hours of FFXIV
  • Complete the final mission of Shadowbringers

Once you have done these prerequisites, the Sprout icon will finally fall off of your character, as you are finally ready to step into the real meat and potatoes of the game.

Does Sprout Status Return When Creating A New Character?

No matter if you’ve cleared the entirety of the game with a different character, every new character that you create will have the Sprout status. You’ll need to once again complete the story arcs and put in plenty of time before this icon will be removed from your newly created character. However, it’s nice that you’ll be able to start new with a new face and this status so you don’t need to sweat as hard as you did to remove it the first time around. Just take it slow and easy now that you’re ready and prepared for what is to come.

While I’m still rather early in my adventure, I’m likely going to just use the easy way out when I get my next character started up, personally. Be sure to check out our Final Fantasy XIV section below to learn more about this excellent MMO adventure, and find out which is the best way to protect your account from malicious fiends attempting to break in.

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