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What is Raw Accel for Valorant? – Answered

The best of both worlds

by Michael Freeman

If you’re a fan of shooters, you’ve likely encountered the same problem I have in finding the perfect sensitivity (sens) for aiming when using mouse and keyboard. While it can be difficult to settle on the ideal sens, Raw Accel could be your answer, and for games like Valorant, it can make a huge difference.

Raw Accel in Valorant Explained

Raw Accel is a Windows 10 and Windows 11 x86-64 driver that allows mouse acceleration along with customizable settings. Additionally, it’s more reliable and consistent than the ones provided in-game for Valorant and the default settings that Windows provides. At its core, it enables your sens to increase the faster you move.

In essence, Raw Accel gives you the best of both worlds. It grants you the high accuracy of lows sens when you need it, but will still allow you to pivot on a dime. As you might have guessed, in Valorant, having this kind of flexibility will almost assuredly help with gunplay accuracy and movement.

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That being said, you may understandably be concerned about how it works with AntiCheat programs. Fear not, for the driver’s creators released a statement saying it is fully signed and has a one-second delay on write, so it cannot be used to cheat. Currently, it is working in FaceIT, Diabotical, and Valorant matches, with no one receiving bans for using Raw Accel. Nevertheless, it is an outside driver, so if you wish to use it, do it at your own risk.

Luckily, the Raw Accel download and installation process is relatively straightforward too. After downloading it, following the on-screen instructions and restarting your computer a few times are all that are needed to enjoy the driver. I’ve used it myself and with great results. Having a low sens to track enemies while simultaneously having a high one for quick turns has made the game even more enjoyable.

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