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What is Mercy’s Real Name in Overwatch 2? – Answered

The doctor is in.

by Shawn Robinson
Overwatch 2 Mercy

While the characters of Overwatch 2 are interesting on their own, what makes them often more interesting is their rich backstories and lore that define where they are in the universe. Take Reinhardt for example, who’s a rather humorous armored German with in-depth lore about his time as a Crusader, one of the strongest members of the German army. One such character is everyone’s favorite flying healer Mercy, though her name is a mystery to some. Here’s what Mercy’s real name is in Overwatch 2, along with a bit about her.

What is Mercy’s Name in Overwatch 2?

Dr. Angela Ziegler, also known to most as Mercy, is a combat medic who has a surprisingly tragic backstory. Angela grew up during the Omnic Crisis, with her mother and father working at a nearby hospital helping those who’ve taken heavy injury from the ongoing war. One morning, her parents went to this hospital, sadly to never return. The only way young Angela learned was by a police officer coming to her house and delivering the devastating news of an airstrike hitting the hospital. While many said she’d lose the pain of their loss over time, she finds herself still feeling that same pain at even the slight mention of her parents.

While most would be fueled by revenge though, Mercy took the route of peace and helping those in need. In her younger years as a medic, and through research into nano-biology, Angela developed new healing technologies that revolutionized the world of medicine. This brought her to the attention of Overwatch, who brought her in as their resident combat medic. After the rise and downfall of the organization, she’d go on to help various hospitals in need. One such hospital is located in Cairo, Egypt, where she’d meet once again with her old friends Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76) and Ana Amari. After the recall event from Winston, Angela would join many new and familiar faces in reforming the new version of Overwatch.

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This is skimming over a lot of her backstory, which offers far more detail into who she is and what she’s done throughout her career. If you’re interested in reading more, check out the Overwatch wiki.

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