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A Super Mario RPG screenshot of the star spirit entering the Geno doll's body.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Geno, one of Mario’s allies in Super Mario RPG, has a real name that’s rather hard to pronounce. Here you’ll find Geno’s real name, and other information about Geno.

What is Geno’s Real Name in Super Mario RPG?

A Super Mario RPG screenshot of Geno introducing himself to Mario and Mallow.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Geno’s real name in Super Mario RPG is ♡ ♪ ! ?. Because this name is “hard to pronounce,” he’s instead referred to as “Geno,” which is the name of the doll he resides in. This remains completely unchanged from the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars game script.

What is Geno’s Real Name in the Japanese Version of Super Mario RPG?

A screenshot of the Japanese version of Super Mario RPG.
Image via Legends of Localization

In the Japanese script of the original Super Mario RPG and the Nintendo Switch remake, Geno’s name uses four symbols that aren’t used anywhere else in the game. The symbols are entirely fictional and meant to convey how the “Star Language” is unpronounceable, just like the English script’s “spelling” of his real name.

Who is Geno in Super Mario RPG?

Geno, or rather, ♡ ♪ ! ?, comes from Star Road, the place where wishes become Wish Stars. However, Star Road was shattered into seven Star Pieces when Exor, a large sword-like creature, plummets into Bowser’s Keep at the beginning of the game. Without Star Road, wishes cannot come true anymore.

To take a physical form and try to retrieve the Star Pieces, ♡ ♪ ! ? inhabits one of the toys owned by Gaz, a Toad living in Rose Town. Although Gaz has toys of Mario, Bowser, and Peach, ♡ ♪ ! ? chooses to inhabit his puppet “Geno,” because he thought it looked like the strongest of the bunch.

When Does Geno Join Your Party in Super Mario RPG?

Geno first joins your party during the boss battle against Bowyer in Forest Maze. He doesn’t introduce himself until after the battle, but once he does, he joins the party for good, starting at Level 6.

Knowing Geno’s real name may not make your adventure through Super Mario RPG any easier, but getting the best equipment for him will. Check out our guide to the best Geno build in Super Mario RPG for some helpful hints.

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