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What is CS:GO Case Clicker? – CS:GO Case Clicker Explained

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by Nikola L

Opening Cases within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be addicting and expensive. It is a very expensive hobby with a very low chance of profit. But there is an alternative to this that people are using, called CS:GO Case Clickers. In this article, we’ll explain just what CS:GO Case Clickers are.

What are CS:GO Case Clickers?

Because the Case odds have been publicly released by Valve (due to a law in China that required Perfect World to do so), a lot of small-time developers have made a variety of Case Opening Simulators, which have picked up the name “CS:GO Case Clickers.”

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They are made with the idea that you should simulate your “winnings” from the cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before investing real money in the rolls, just so that you can have a preview of how good (or bad) you can do with this variant of a slot machine (it is what it is). Alternatively, you can just mess around with it for scientific purposes and look at what you hypothetically would draw from the cases.

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Disclaimer of sorts: The math is pretty simple for Case Opening in CS:GO: It’s not profitable for the majority of players participating in the opening, so make sure to invest the amount of money you would be prepared to say goodbye to permanently. It might be easier and cheaper to just hop on the Steam Market and buy the skin you would actually like (even though it does not replace the thrill of the casino-like audiovisual sensation of case opening in any capacity). If you do happen to pull a knife early, or something else that pushes you into profit, make sure to consider stopping there and then while you’re ahead. Many streamers have ended up in the “just one more case, there’s gotta be a knife here somewhere” loop, while some streamers (like Anomaly) went on and slammed about $10,000 on a very, very long case opening stream. He did pull a lot of nice skins, but in the end, it was not worth it, despite him having the Law of Large Numbers on his side.

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