What is Campfire in Pokemon GO? – Answered

A whole new way to communicate.

Pokemon GO is constantly evolving and adding new features for players to enjoy or get mad about; it’s usually 50/50. However, a new feature has finally started rolling out globally, and it is known as Campfire. What is Campfire in Pokemon GO? We have the answer for you below.

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What is Campfire in Pokemon GO? – Answered

Campfire is a new social app integrated into Pokemon GO to help players team up and take on more community-focused events like Raids and gym battles. You can find the official description for it on The Niantic website below.

“Campfire is a new social app that helps Niantic Explorers discover new people, places and experiences around them! Discover in-game activities, plan your next meetup, send a DM, and manage your friends list, all within a single app. Some features of Campfire are available within Niantic’s games, but for the full experience, users should download the standalone app.”

You can use this to coordinate with friends on your friend list or total strangers if you’re in a new area.

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You can make group chats, share raid locations, and much more inside Pokemon GO. It’s an easy way to quickly communicate and relay information to other Pokemon GO players in the area. Hopefully, this helps players more succulently gather together.

You can also add Flares to the map to signal you need help from the community. Whether that is a gym, raid, or something else, this lets players in the area know someone is calling for help. Sometimes you’ll need it.

That’s everything you need to know about What Campfire is in Pokemon GO. For more Pokemon GO tips, tricks, and guides, stay right here at Prima Games. Here’s how to get 2KM Eggs in Pokemon GO.

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