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What is BLD Stat in Fire Emblem Engage? – Build Stat Explained

Can you pick up that weapon?

by Daphne Fama

 Fire Emblem can be utterly befuddling to new players. And many veterans might find themselves scratching their heads as old concepts take on new names and appearances. That might be the case for you when it comes to the BLD Stat. Here’s what the BLD stat in Fire Emblem Engage means.

What is BLD Stat in Fire Emblem Engage? – Build Stat Explained

If you’ve poked around in your character’s stats, you might have noticed that there are quite a few to look through. That’s likely no surprise if you’ve played your fair share of Fire Emblem games. In fact, that’s part of the appeal.

But a new face has arrived in character menus: BLD.

BLD, short for Build, is the stat that prevents heavy weapons from slowing attack speed. You might have noticed that the very best weapons tend to be very heavy. This can be a significant detriment on the battlefield, especially on higher tier difficulties, as a heavy weapon and low BLD will mean that you lose both Speed and Avoidance.

If all that sounds familiar, it’s because, in previous games, Build was called Constitution, or Con for short. Both these stats essentially dictate the amount of weight a unit can carry without it becoming a detriment.

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If you want to see your unit’s current BLD, head into your menu and check out your character’s stats. It will be beneath the unit’s HP.

BLD also seems to be influenced by character class. So, for example, a Qi Adept like Framme and Jean will have low natural BLD at 3. But a character classed as Barbarian will have a Bld of 10. If you find a weapon you like that has a weight higher than your character’s BLD, it will detriment to your character’s stats.

So, equip carefully.

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