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What is A Super Horn in Mario Kart Tour: Challenge Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into the Tokyo Tour challenges from Mario Kart Tour, then you’ll know that there’s a whole host of new requirements for the avid driver to meet. Ranging from whacking people with Giant Bananas to using new characters, it’s only normal to feel a little overwhelmed at the latest gauntlet that the game is asking you to run. Caught yourself wondering, “what is a Super Horn in Mario Kart Tour?” Well, we can help, and tell you how to ace the challenge associated with it.

What is A Super Horn in Mario Kart Tour: What It Does

First and foremost, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. You’re going to want to actually know what a Super Horn is before you get down to the business of actually using it efficiently. Well, a Super Horn is a pretty sweet item that you can get while you’re hooning around a track. As for what it does, it basically rattles off so loudly that it interrupts the drivers in front of you. Position yourself carefully and you can take out a whole group of your competitors. 

What is A Super Horn in Mario Kart Tour: How to Get It & Finishing the Challenge

You’re likely wanting to get your paws on the Super Horn because, well, the Tokyo Tour demands it of you. Remember those challenges that we’ve been talking about? One of the newer ones introduced with Mario’s sojourn to Japan is to land 5 hits with a Super Horn. This essentially means that you have to hit 5 people; not that you have to use the item 5 times. Since you can affect more than one driver at a time if they’re grouped up, you could potentially knock this out in one track.

The easiest way to get the Super Horn is to play as Pauline. Her ability, Lucky 7, means that you get a Super Horn if you’re lucky enough to steer into an item box. In general, if you’re hanging back in the race and not up there with the frontrunners, you’re more likely to get something of the caliber of a Super Horn anyway so we would keep that in mind as a general tip even if you aren’t using Pauline. Essentially, stay back regardless of the driver that you’re using, and jet over to a clump of your competitors when you’ve got your Super Horn to hit as many in one blast. This challenge doesn’t have to be completed in one race to count, so you can take your time with it.

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