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What Happens if You Beat Tier 6 in Starfield’s UC Vanguard Pilot Exam? – Answered

Class A flyer.

During the Supra Et Ultra side quest in Starfield, you’re tasked with undertaking a pilot exam in the hopes of joining the UC Vanguard Faction. There are six tiers, and while you only need to beat three of them to pass, there are some benefits to completing the whole thing. Here’s what you need to know.

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Starfield UC Vanguard Pilot Exam Tier 6 Rewards

Tier 6 of the UC Vanguard Pilot Exam sees you go head-to-head with five targets, with each of them raining down hell on your ship at once. It’s an incredibly tough fight, even for the most seasoned pilots with Tech Skill upgrades, so if you choose to take it on, you’ll be in for a rough time.

If you do manage to beat Tier 6 of the Vanguard pilot exam, though, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 20,000 Credits.
  • Three-year wait for United Colonies citizenship (though, without spoiling, this doesn’t matter).
Screenshot of Tier 6 in the UC Vanguard Pilot Exam in Starfield.
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Is it Worth Beating Tier 6 of the Starfield UC Vanguard Pilot Exam?

While completing all six of the flight sim’s tiers may grant you some personal gratification, there’s no benefit outside of the hefty number of Credits you receive as a Vanguard signing bonus. While having Commander Tuala seriously impressed with me getting a top 99th percentile pilot score was incredibly satisfying, I don’t recommend pushing yourself through the time and effort it can take to beat the final tier.

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20,000 Credits is nice and all, but you can make that quickly in other ways, such as selling loot, using the money glitch, or completing Faction quests. While three-year UC citizenship sounds nice as opposed to the 10-year wait if you don’t make it through Tier 6, it ends up being redundant anyway later down the line, so it’s a completely pointless “reward.”

If you still want to complete Tier 6, there is a way to completely cheese the UC Vanguard Pilot Exam in Starfield if you don’t mind doing things the unintended way. Besides, what the Vanguard doesn’t know won’t hurt them, right? It’s not like you’re hijacking ships…

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