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What Engine is the Dead Space Remake Running On? – Answered

I suppose it's easy to get Frostbite in the cold of space.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake brings the fan-favorite survival horror title into the spotlight with refreshed visuals and mechanics alongside a whole heap of new content that helps expand the Ishimura. It’s easily one of the most exciting titles of 2023, though what engine it runs on is important so you can know if you’re familiar with it. Here’s what engine the Dead Space Remake is running on.

What Engine is EA Using for Dead Space Remake?

For Dead Space Remake, EA Motive opted to use the publisher’s in-house Frostbite Engine. It’s a tried and true engine that has powered the publisher’s games for over a decade. Its first use came with the original Battlefield Bad Company in 2008, powering its destruction physics which were revolutionary for their time and were a lot of the reason that series succeeded. Since its inception, its powered the entirety of the Battlefield, Need for Speed, Madden, and FIFA series under EA’s belt. Other notable games include Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the Plants vs. Zombies third-person shooters.

As far as Dead Space Remake goes, Frostbite does quite well at powering the lighting in the game combined with much of the gameplay feel. While the game feels quite similar to the original, the differences Frostbite does make should make it feel fresh yet familiar at the same time. This is due to some recent upgrades made for Battlefield 2042 and Need for Speed Unbound, giving the engine more power and taking care of its long-standing issues. EA also plans to utilize the engine for the next game in the Battlefield series.

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While Frostbite isn’t quite as popular as engines like Unreal Engine, it still packs a lot of power and should make the new survival horror game feel great on your hardware. Your endless deaths should look all the more beautiful too (or maybe that’s just us).

Shawn Robinson

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