What Does the Sniffer Do in Minecraft? – Answered

Mom, can we keep this cubic furball? Pleeeaaaseee?

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The Sniffer is a new passive mob introduced to Minecraft in Patch 1.20, also known as the “Trails and Tales” update. The Minecraft community is hyped about the arrival of Sniffer (and so are we) ever since they won the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 with a landslide, so we will be glad to tell you everything that you need to know about Sniffers in Minecraft, including what the Sniffers do.

What Do Sniffers Do in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 was exciting due to the overwhelming support the community has shown for Sniffers. A Sniffer looks like a cubed furball of some sort (yes, I am aware of the absurdity of that statement, feel free to meme me). But aside from looking like an oddly-adorable mixture of different animals, Sniffers actually serve a unique purpose in Minecraft.

One of the functions of Sniffers is to “sniff out” some pretty unique seeds that can grow into, as Minecraft officially announced, majestic plants. One of them is the Torchflower which may randomly appear as the Sniffer is sniffing around.

Allegedly, more seeds (with them, more plants of course) should be coming out gradually over time.

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On Which Blocks Can a Sniffer Sniff Out Seeds From the Ground in Minecraft?

For now, Sniffers can “operate” on the following blocks successfully (sorted alphabetically for visibility):

  • Coarse Dirt
  • Dirt
  • Grass Block
  • Moss Block
  • Mud
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Podzol
  • Rooted Dirt

Pretty sufficient list of blocks if you ask me. If you wish to learn more about Sniffers in Minecraft, we have prepared more informative articles such as Where to Find Sniffer Eggs and How to Hatch Sniffer Eggs. Additionally, feel free to check out our Minecraft game tag which is located right (well, actually left) under this article. See you soon!

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