What Does the Peculiar Doll Do in Fear and Hunger? – Answered

A little kindness might save your life

I might be biased, but the Girl in Fear and Hunger is one of the most fascinating in the game. She’s a child that harbors intense potential. But what happens if you give her the peculiar doll in Fear and Hunger?

What Should You Do with the Peculiar Doll in Fear and Hunger – Answered  

As you traverse the prisons in Fear and Hunger, there’s a chance you’ll find the Peculiar Doll in a cell near Cahara if you chose not to start the game with him.

This Peculiar Doll serves one purpose. It’s a potential gift to give to the recruitable companion, Girl, in Fear and Hunger.

Giving her the Peculiar Doll allows for two things to happen. You can interact with her and talk with her. She won’t really say anything, but she’ll be more affectionate. Give her both the Dagger and the Peculiar Doll, and she’ll answer “Y-yes”, if you ask if she’s okay. But she’ll quickly retreat.

How to Recruit the Girl in Fear and Hunger

The Girl is a companion you can recruit very early on if you go through the front gate. She’ll be inside a cage, which can only be opened through the lockpick skill, by using a Red Vial, or by using a Small Key.

Once the Girl is in your party, you’ll find that she’s almost mute and not very useful in combat. She’ll do no damage, in fact, unless you give her the Dagger, one of her unique items, or a Skeletal Arm.

The Peculiar also has a minor influence in Ending A. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know about those spoilers.

The Girl is the result of a union between the New God Nilva and Le’garde. If you bring her to the end of the Gauntlet and Reach the Heart of Darkness, the Girl will become the God of Fear and Hunger. She’ll have four forms which you’ll have to fight. However, each time she transitions into a new form, she’ll reminisce about your kindness for having given her the doll.

This will cause her to skip one turn. And because this is the final boss, that skipped turn is quite precious.  

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