What Does the Flayed Skin Do in Lords of the Fallen? – Answered

Just tuck that dead guy's skin into your bag

Lords of the Fallen Dark Crusader Class
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You know you’re in a soulslike game when you start picking up items like “Flayed Skin”. And if you have any experience with soulslike games, you’d probably guess that this random macabre item is tied into a quest. Because it is! Here’s what to with the Flayed Skin in Lords of the Fallen.

What Is the Flayed Skin Used for in Lords of the Fallen? – Answered

Almost immediately after encountering the Light Reaper in Abandoned Recopse, you’ll have the world at your fingertips. Sort of. By heading right down the forked path, you’ll find a golden item which is the Flayed Skin. This skin belonged to the Paladin Issac, and it’s the key to unlocking the Dark Crusader Class.

The Dark Crusader is one of four unlockable classes in the game, and the only unlockable class tied to a quest in-game. However, you can immediately create a Dark Crusader if you purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game.

However, if you want to continue with the quest, you’ll need to jump through several hoops. You’ll need to examine the Stigmas at the start of Lower Calrath, at the start of the Fief of the Chill Curse, and in the Fief beyond the Light Reaper’s arena. Finally, you must examine the Stigma on the Path of Devotion.

Don’t worry if you haven’t encountered these locations yet. As you progress through the main campaign, you’ll come across each of them.

Upon viewing the last Stigma, you’ll gain entry to a new arena in the Path of Devotion, where you can fight an Umbral-tainted version of Isaac. Defeating Isaac in this form will grant you the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin.

Once you have the Umbral-Tinged Skin, return to the spot where you originally found the Flayed Skin in the Abandoned Recopse. You’ll now be able to pass through a once blocked path in the Umbral, which will lead you to Isaac’s Paladin armor set, sword, and rosary. You’ll also be able to summon Issac when fighting the Light Reaper in the Upper Calrath, making it well worth the effort, even if you already have the Dark Crusader class.

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