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What Does March 7th’s Name Mean in Honkai Star Rail? – Answered

Oh, how do you solve a problem like March 7th…?

by Jordan Lemons

March 7th is one of the characters available early on in Honkai: Star Rail as part of your beginning party. Though, it’s not really explained when she joins what exactly the deal is. Like, what kind of name is March 7th?! And yes, the ‘th’ is part of her name. What kind of parent would do that to a child??

What Does March 7th’s Name Mean in Honkai Star Rail?

Surprisingly, unsurprisingly, March 7th is actually the one who gave herself the name. March 7th gave herself the name of the date when she awakened from a giant block of ice. Floating through outer space, the block was retrieved by the Astral Express by Himeko, Welt, and another unnamed third party. With their help, March 7th was retrieved and verified to be still alive and viable. But when she awoke, she had retained none of her memories from before that day.

There isn’t much that we know about our optimistic peppy girl, but we do know that she isn’t all that big of a mystery. She likes to charge into adventures and action without a second thought, ready to take down Doom Beasts with a bow and arrow, thinking that’ll do the trick. Like us, she’s just charging through the universe, trying to learn more about the secrets surrounding herself while having fun along the way. 

Time will only tell what lies in store for our girl, especially surrounding the reason why she was just floating around in space in a giant chunk of ice. She probably froze herself or something silly… Surely nothing heart-breaking, angsty, and covered in lore, right? As we get to know all the fun characters in Honkai: Star Rail, you better believe we’ll be following this strange peppy girl along the way!

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