Honkai Star Rail Beginner Warp Banner Rewards Listed

Better luck next time.

Honkai Star Rail features plenty of different banners for players to roll on. You can use your Star Passes to try and obtain the five-star character on the banner and a bunch of other stuff you don’t really need, but damn it feels good to pull that character. Here are the Honkai Star Rail beginner banner rewards listed.

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Honkai Star Rail Beginner Warp Banner Rewards Listed

Below you will find all the rewards for the beginner banner, known as the Departure Warp Banner in Honkai Star Rail.

First off, all Warps are 20% off, so to pull 10 times, it will only cost you eight tickets. you are also guaranteed one of the possible five-star characters in the banner after 50 warps.

Five Star Characters

  • Yanqing
  • Gepard
  • Welt
  • Bronya
  • Himeko
  • Clara
  • Bailu

Five Star Light Cones

  • Night on the Milky Way
  • Something Irreplaceable
  • The Battle Isn’t Over
  • In the Name of the World
  • Moment of Victory

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Four Star Characters

  • March 7th
  • Dan Heng
  • Arlan
  • Asta
  • Herta
  • Natasha
  • Serval
  • Pela
  • Sampo
  • Hook
  • Sushang

Other Light Cones

  • Post-Op Conversation
  • Good Night and Sleep Well
  • Day One of My New Life
  • Only Silence Remains
  • Memories of the Past
  • The Moles Welcome You
  • The Birth of the Self
  • Shared Feeling
  • Eyes of the Prey
  • Landau’s Choice
  • Swordplay
  • Planetary Rendezvous
  • A Secret Vow
  • Make the World Clamor

Hopefully, your luck in pulling the five-star characters is better than ours. It’s taken us quite some time to try and get the characters we want to play as. We’re looking at you, Himeko.

That’s everything included in the Honkai Star Rail Begiinger Warp Banner. For more tips, tricks, and guides, stay right here. Here are all of the current redeemable codes in Honkai Star Rail. Check them out.

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