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What Does FidelityFX CAS Do in MW2? – Answered

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by Patrick Souza
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Graphics are always a selling point for games because no one wants to play something that looks awfully badly rendered. And unless they take a harsh tool on your average FPS (Frames Per Second) numbers, people often look for ways to get their games looking better. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has plenty of those options for you to tinker with, and one of them is FidelityFX CAS which can be turned on or off, but what does it do exactly?

How Does FidelityFX CAS work in MW2?

The FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening option is a feature that enhances the overall image quality of the game by sharpening its pixels individually without having a negative impact on your PC/console performance. It exists as a way to “fix” some of the issues caused by the temporal anti-aliasing techniques applied to every modern game.

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And it brings more fidelity to the images as its name implies, giving them a more “real life” feeling and enhancing the contrast between objects and individuals. This means it doesn’t only make the game look better but also grants you some extra advantages as it can help you spot hiding enemies from afar.

The option is available for both console and PC players, so no one gets any extra advantage from it. You are free to decide the strength of said sharpening as it really helps you give a cleaner, better-looking game.

How to Enable FidelityFX CAS in MW2

To make sure you’re getting the best out of the battlefields, make sure the option is enabled before entering a match. Head to the Options menu and select Graphics, and the process here differs a little bit depending on your platform.

If you’re playing on console, you’ll immediately see the FidelityFX CAS option, so simply turn it on and set the strength to 100.

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If you’re on PC, select the Quality tab on Graphics and you’ll find the Upscaling/Sharpening option, in which you can select FidelityFX CAS, but here we recommend setting its strength to something between 75 and 85 according to your specs. There are other Upscaling options aside from FidelityFX, but this is usually the go-to option, so let’s just stick with it.

It’s also recommended to refrain from using sharpening options from graphic card panels to avoid conflict and get the best result possible. FidelityFX CAS will most likely be more than enough to give you some good results.