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What Does Arachnophobia Safe Mode do in Jedi Survivor? – Answered

Legs be gone!

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Accessibility settings have become increasingly common in newer games as players ask for more ways to customize their experience. Jedi Survivor has continued this trend with the Arachnophobia Safe Mode which has become a popular talking point in the community.

Arachnophobia is most often associated with the fear of spiders, which is part of it, but it includes all arachnids. There were plenty of spiders in Fallen Order, but none in Jedi Survivor, so we’ll go over what the safe mode does and how you can enable it for your game.

Jedi Survivor – What Does Arachnophobia Safe Mode do?

The latest accessibility setting is fairly simple in the name, but it’s not geared toward a spider in this game. In the description of the Arachnophobia Safe Mode setting, it “modifies a creature to make it less reminiscent of an arachnid.” There is a small bug-like enemy that thrives on Koboh and has some weird claws, but it’s not likely what the settings are referring to.

Instead, the Arachnophobia Safe Mode will change the massive scorpion creature that appears early into the adventure on Jedha. The beast is called a Skriton and it’s essentially a crab and scorpion hybrid with sharp teeth and plenty of gross hairs. Even I jumped a bit when I saw the beast appear for the first time from under the sands of Jedha.

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To turn on the Arachnophobia Safe Mode, simply open up the main menu and head over to the gear symbol all the way to the right. Open up the settings and select Accessibility. In this section of Jedi Survivor settings, you’ll find options for the safe mode, dismemberment, visuals, and gameplay alterations. Which ones you choose to toggle is entirely up to the way you want to play the game.

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