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What Does a Prenup Do in Bitlife? – Answered

Are prenups worth it? Time to find out!

by Madison Benson
Bitlife Prenup Agreement

If you’ve been playing BitLife for a while now, you may have an adult character who is ready to get married. Depending on your situation, you may decide to ask your partner to sign a prenuptial agreement, or, in certain circumstances, they may ask you to sign one. If either of these situations arises, you may not know how to react, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the nitty-gritty details of prenups. Continue reading to learn what a prenup does in BitLife.

What Does a Prenup Do in BitLife?

Once you find a partner and decide to get married, one of two situations may occur depending on your net worth. If your romantic partner has a lot of money, they may demand you sign a prenuptial agreement. A pop-up will appear, detailing your and their current net worth. If you choose to sign it, the net worth displayed on the screen is fully protected if you get divorced. However, if you don’t sign it, you can either call off the wedding, cancel the engagement, or break up with them entirely.

The second situation will likely occur if you and your partner have similar net worths or if you have more money. Similar to before, a screen will appear showing your net worth. The difference this time is you decide whether to make your partner sign the prenup. If so, your character may refuse, canceling the marriage. If they accept, your net worth at that time is once again protected, meaning it will not be split if you get divorced. If you choose not to get a prenup, your assets are split 50/50. In any situation, you’ll share assets during the marriage.

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One important note is that in BitLife, the prenup does not protect any income or assets gained during the marriage. For example, if your net worth was $100,000 and your partners had $1,000,000, the prenup only protects these assets. If you get divorced years later, and your net worth rises to $10,000,000 while your partner stays at $1,000,000, your assets will still split since you gained this money after the agreement. While this situation mainly benefits your partner, it becomes far better if the roles are reversed. Any of these scenarios only occur if you get divorced, so if you want to avoid this altogether, stay married until the very end!

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