What Do You Get for Completing the Teal Mask Pokedex? – Answered

Gimme the goods, Jacq

So, you’ve likely conquered Paldea, and now you’ve come tromping across to Katakami, the land of rice fields and folklore. And what else is on your mind other than completing this region’s Pokedex? Or maybe you’re wondering if it’s even worth the effort. Here’s what you get for completing the Teal Mask DLC Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

What Do You Get for Completing the Katakami (Teal Mask) Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The Teal Mask has given the trainers of Paldea a brand new region to comb through and two hundred Pokemon to collect. But is it worthwhile? I mean, maybe. It wasn’t for me, but maybe it is for you.

Upon completing the Teal Mask Pokedex, you get the Glimmering Charm.

The Glimmering Charm is a mysterious charm that increases the number of Tera Shards you receive from Tera Raid Battles, which makes it excellent for our competitive Pokemon users and trainers who love having a perfectly optimized team.

What Do Tera Shards Do in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you’re not quite sure what Tera Shards do or need a refresher, you’re not alone. Tera Shards have elements attached to them, like Earth or Fire. Get enough Tera Shards, and you can speak to the Cook in Treasury Eatery in Medali to change your Pokemon’s Tera Type. You’ll need 50 Tera Types to do so.

And with 200 Pokemon in the Teal Mask DLC, there are quite a few Pokemon that could use a Tera Type Change.

Where to Collect Your Glimmering Charm in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

When I completed my Pokedex, I thought I needed to fly all the way back to Paldea and the Academy to collect my Glimmering Charm. This isn’t the case! Jacq is actually in Katakami, where he’s been waiting for you to finish your Pokedex the entire time.

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To find Jacq, head East out of Moussi Town. You’ll find him beneath a tree to the right of the path on Reveler’s Road. He’ll then give you your Diploma commemorating your achievement, along with the charm. Congratulations!

But if you still don’t have all 200 Pokemon in your Pokedex, never fear. Trade codes will help you grab those trade evolutions and version exclusive Pokemon.

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