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Best Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trade Codes

Scream Tail is the superior Jigglypuff evolution

by Daphne Fama

So, you’ve conquered the Paldea Region. The gyms have fallen beneath the elemental might of your Pokemon Team. You have utterly crushed the Elite Four and La Primera, Geeta. You have plumed the depths of the most secret caverns, reached the heights of the tallest mountains. And now, only one challenge lays before you: completing the Paldean Pokedex.

Or maybe you just want to get some version exclusive Pokemon.

Either way, trainers around the world have banded together to create an informal trading network, linking trainers with Pokemon Scarlet or Violet exclusive Pocket Monsters together so they can finally fill up that Pokedex. If you want to get involved, here are the codes you need to know.

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Best Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trade Codes

Many of these trade codes were created by Pokemon Youtuber Austin John Plays!

To get involved, head to your Poke Portal. Press your ‘L’ button if you’re not connected to the internet, then head to Link Trade. Input one of the codes below, then select Begin Search. You may have to wait a bit, but eventually you’ll be connected to someone using the same code listed below. And don’t worry if your trade partner backs out, it just means they had the same Pokemon as you!

This is how I managed to add quite a few Paradox Pokemon to my Paldean Pokedex!

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  • Armarouge for Armarouge – 0166-0167
  • Any Pokemon holding Auspicious Armor for any Pokemon holding Malicious Armor – 0166 – 0167
  • Stonjourner for Eiscue – 0319-0320
  • Oranguru for Passimian – 0313-0314
  • Tauros Fire for Tauros Water – 0223-0223
  • Stunky for Gulpin – 0227-0140
  • Skuntank for Swalot – 0227-0140
  • Drifloon for Misdreaus – 0143-0114
  • Drifblim for Mismagius – 0143-0114
  • Skrelp for Clauncher – 0337-0339
  • Dragalge for Clawitzer – 0337-0339
  • Larvitar for Bagon – 0316-0276
  • Pupitar for Shelgon — 0316-0276
  • Tyranitar for Salamence – 0316-0276
  • Deino for Dreepy – 0316-0276
  • Zweilous for Drakloak – 0316-0276
  • Hydregion for Dragapult – 0316-0276
  • Great Tusk for Iron Treads – 0376-0383
  • Scream Tail for Iron Bundle – 0377-0383
  • Brute Bonnet for Iron Hands – 0378-0384
  • Flutter Mane for Iron Jugulis – 0389-0385
  • Slither Wing for Iron Moth – 0380-0386
  • Sandy Shocks for Iron Thorns – 0381-0387
  • Roaring Moon for Iron Valiant – 0397-0398
  • Koraidon for Miraidon – 0399-0400

Now that you know the best trade codes to use for version exclusives in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it’s time to get out there and complete that Pokedex!

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