What Do Twilight Fragments Do in Persona 3 Reload? – Answered (P3R)

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Persona 3 Reload Twilight Fragment Featured

Persona 3 Reload introduced Twilight Fragments to the game, a new currency that helps make your everyday Tartatus explorations smoother. And as long as you don’t slack off on your daily activities, you should always have plenty of these.

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What Are Twilight Fragments in Persona 3 Reload?

Twilight Fragments are tiny shards that the player can obtain through various activities in daily life. You can use them inside Tartarus to open treasure chests or offer them to the clock at the entrance to heal your party’s HP and SP. These locked chests usually contain special/unique items, and this is the only way to heal yourself inside the tower without items or skills.

After reaching the third block (Floor 65), opening a chest with a Twilight Fragment may reveal a Great Clock inside that floor. The clock appears next to the stairs, and entering it lets you choose a character to receive extra experience in the next fight. This allows you to use all party members to a certain degree without any of them being left behind since experience is not shared.

You can either find them lying around the city during the day or get them as rewards by Elizabeth for leveling up your Social Links. Fragments found in the ground won’t respawn and are one-time grabs. Elizabeth also offers them as Request rewards, usually tied to mini-quests that don’t use up your daily time or to Tartarus exploration goals.

There are also Fragments to be found inside Tartarus itself. They’re obtained by breaking blue pedestals that occasionally spawn. If you have the Justice Major Arcana, you can get two of them per pedestal. Rescuing lost animals that wandered into Tartarus also gets you a small Fragment reward.

Should You Use or Save Twilight Fragments?

You should be wise as to how you use your Fragments during the early game as they’re more scarce, but as you reach mid-game, you should use them as aggressively as possible, especially if you like using various characters and want to level them up. Chests consume one to three Twilight Fragments to open, while the clock always uses seven of them.

The clock is incredibly useful for long explorations, so you should always save seven of these just in case. And locked chests found after defeating floor bosses in Tartarus always contain unique items such as weapons and outfits, so you should always open these. If you don’t have enough Fragments now, don’t forget to come back later.

If you like doing one-day explorations in Tartarus each month, save up as many Fragments during your daily life by hanging out with your friends and strengthening your Social Links. This way you should have enough Fragments to reach your current Tartarus border every time. But make sure to go stocked with items too! Having only powerful Skills in your Personas might not be enough.

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